About Cait Marchetti Jewelry

                  The original designs of New England flora and fauna feature narratives on the front and back sides. For example, the Potential Series features an organism in an early stage of life drawn on the back, while the front is the same organism if it is allowed to flourish and grow to it's full potential. The Habitat series features a creature on the front, and it's habitat on the back. The charm of the work is in these narratives as well as the artisanal character of each individual piece. Because each design is drawn by hand, designs are similar but no two are exactly alike.


               Continue to scroll down to see the full process shown step by step. A quick summary of the process:  

After the surface of the copper is prepped, enamel (made up of ground glass particles) is fired at 1500 degrees fahrenheit onto copper. Original designs that begin as sketches are then hand drawn with graphite on the surface of the enamel. They are fired once more, and during this process the graphite sinks under the glass, preserving the drawing in the glass forever. The edges are cleaned and are dipped in a dark patina for style purposes. Bails on necklaces are soldered closed to prevent loss of pendants, and then polished. Complete with genuine stamped sterling silver or 14K yellow gold high quality accents and chains. 

The Enameling Process

Drawings in Progress

Larger oval pendants take longer but are more satisfying to create...

I enjoy drawing on larger surfaces because it allows me to arrange the layout of the drawing in a more interesting way

and pack in the most detail possible, and as a result it makes for a more interesting piece.