Custom & Bridal Jewelry


"I know Cait from back in high school and she's always been extremely talented artistically. She came to me with the idea to make personalized necklaces for my wedding; as favors to my bridesmaids and I loved it! I sent her the names of the flowers we were using in the bouquets because I wanted a permanent way to remember the beauty of the flowers on the wedding day. She spent time designing various layouts and designs for me to choose and we came up with the perfect necklace. She also added in the date of the wedding on one side making it even more special. I liked the designs so much I also added some with smaller pendants for my flower girls. She delivered them to me in cute boxes with tags ready to go! She had the order done exactly when she said she would and I was very happy with the purchase! The girls all wore the necklaces on the wedding day and they looked perfect with the dresses. Most of all each girl has a reminder of the beautiful flowers (that as we all know don't last long) on a necklace they will have forever!!"

                                                                                                                            -Kelli Gannon, Cait Marchetti Jewelry Bride, September 2016

Photo credit: Kris Marie Photo

Classic Look, Modern Designs, Antiquated Technique


Whether you decide to get a custom made commemorative design for your bridal party,

or a simple elegant CM Jewelry design, all pieces are made the same. 


Heirloom Quality.

Enameling dates back to the 1400s. It is a traditional technique that involves

fusing glass to metal at high temperatures, and is meant to last forever. Included in Bridal Jewelry orders, each piece is upgraded to be made heirloom quality by using a varied technique including a clear layer of glass fused over each piece to preserve the look and brightness forever.

(Usually this process is done by request and a small fee of $15 is charged for non-bridal orders.)



Quality materials and techniques including "true" or vitreous glass enamel with hand painted colors, meticulously drawn details. Glass over metal quality materials, finished in sterling silver and 14K gold accents. 


Traditional with a Modern Twist

Pairs beautifully with pearls or ivory jewelry- is an ethical choice in place of ivory scrimshaw jewelry.


*The model in the photo is a bride-to-be, and requested in lieu of payment, to be paid in the form of the Queen Anne's Lace enamel pendant necklace that she is modeling!

She mentioned that plans to wear this to the events leading up to and possibly on her wedding day!* Photo credit to Kelly Chabot.

Custom Bridal Jewelry

Custom Bridal Jewelry is simple to commission. 


1. The designer, Cait will first set up an email or in person appointment -at her studio and gallery in Warren, RI -

to discuss flowers, colors, initials of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and product choices.


2. Cait will then create a custom design based on the bridal bouquet, and maybe a choice of back-side designs to be approved. This service is complementary, and you do not have to submit a payment until after you approve the design.


3. Once the designs have been approved, a color sample is made, and the colors are approved


4. Lastly, the enamel is finished with intricately drawn details on both sides. Clear enamel is layered over the top to preserve the drawing in the glass forever, making the jewelry truly heirloom quality.

Sterling silver or 14K yellow gold findings are added last.  


5. Bridal jewelry is packaged very carefully in the eco-friendly packaging, with eco-suede pouches (for later use) layered on top for cushioning. Each jewelry piece comes with eco-friendly recyclable paper gift wrap, along with a greeting card and business, artist, and care cards. The order is sent with a tracking number to be delivered within 1-3 days of shipping, (usually earlier than the set due date) or can be picked up in person at the designer's studio & gallery in Warren, RI.


Jewelry Product Options

Product options (below, left to right): Pendants

Small Round Pendant $85- / Small Teardrop Pendant $95- / Large Round Pendant $105- / Large Teardrop Pendant $120-

(Most popular choice: Large Round Pendant, for the shape and size best fits bouquet designs.)

Choice of chain lengths 16", 18" included. If needed, 2" extenders available for purchase.

Product options (below, left to right): Earrings

Small Round Earrings $140- / Small Teardrop Earrings $160- 

Product options (below): Dramatic Jewelry

(Not pictured) Large Oval Pendant on Chain $180- / (Pictured) Large Oval Pendant on Collar Necklace $225- 

(Not pictured) Small Oval Pendant $120-

Choice of 14K Yellow gold available at request, as are men's jewelry products, bracelets, etc.

The designer is willing to work with you on your wedding vision.



Base Color Options (below) 

(These are the choices of base enamel colors for the design background. Many more colors available as accent bouquet colors.)

All Custom Designs

I love to create custom designs, especially those with deeper and commemorative meanings.

Email me to discuss your ideas, and hear design suggestions on the front and back side "story" or relationship.

Any flora, fauna or natural object, landscape, are within the realm of possibility.  

Please take a look at past commissions in the gallery.


All designs will be first created as a sketch to be approved first, in B&W or color, 

(in a maximum of 3 styles per side to choose from), before moving on to confirming the order and collecting payment.


Custom Design Fee

For Custom Designs, you must purchase one "Custom Design" for $30-$50 along with your jewelry choice.

This is a separate charge because it is a single fee for a single one Custom Design even if you purchase a set or multiples of the same design (even in different jewelry product options). This is a huge benefit to those purchasing sets and multiples for bridal parties, matching pieces for friends and family, etc. Get creative! I would be happy to design something with narrative options for the back side for you.



Determining the fee:

The $30 custom fee applies to all pieces, (including: (small round pendant, small teardrop pendant, large round pendant) except for: (the Large Teardrop pendant and the Very Large Oval Pendant Necklaces). The custom fee is $40 (min.) for the Large Teardrop, and $50 (min.) for the Very Large Oval.  Any custom design in onyx background color is automatically a $50 fee due to the extra layers required for onyx enamel. These larger and complicated custom designs have higher fees due to the time that takes to design and create them.* 


Custom Policies:

The artist will draw three designs (of both sides each, 6 in total)  to choose from, based on photos and descriptions agreed upon or provided by the client. Once the initial design choice is approved and confirmed by the client, it will not be changed. If for some reason the design is requested to be changed after this point, another custom fee will be charged for the artist's time.

Due dates for custom pieces to be delivered shall be discussed and confirmed at the time of ordering,

as custom designs take longer than the average processing & shipping time listed.


To purchase a Custom Design Order:

Either write a note at checkout for your Custom Design request upon purchase, or email in advance.

If  you choose to order through the website rather than email, it is helpful that in addition you email details and photos.




Bridal Designs- Color Palette & Design Options

Bouquet accent color choices can be made with specific color tests done by Cait for your approval. (below)


Backside details such as Groom's boutineer or small flower design,

the Bride & Groom's initials, and the wedding date need to be chosen as well.  (samples below)