About the Brand

                It should come as no surprise that flora and fauna are deeply respected by this artist. Cait Marchetti Jewelry is dedicated to being an environmentally friendly business. Reducing waste and being a friend to nature are topics of interest always kept in mind by the artist. Aiding honey bees is especially of interest to the artist since bees are currently at risk. Honey bees are dying in large numbers due to harmful insecticides used on plants called neonics. The insecticide is used by many retail nursery locations such as Home Depot. When honey bees carry away the pollen that is poisoned with neonics, the amount brought in and consumed builds up over time and kills the hive. Honey bees are especially precious and valued due to their important relationship with humans. Bees are responsible for pollinating one-third of our food supply. Without honey bees, most crops responsible for our food and clothing would be scarce and very expensive. What can be done to help bees is to buy from a local greenhouse that will most likely not use neonics, and planting flowers will help feed honey bees and help them pollinate plants and produce honey and beeswax. 


                Finding ways to reduce waste and reminding customers to do their part to recycle while being a friend to nature is Cait Marchetti Jewelry's message. All products are gift wrapped in kraft recycled paper boxes, and paper raffia ribbon- all recyclable paper goods. Ornaments come in upcycled-plastic eco-suede pouches to be kept, and are marked Cait Marchetti Jewelry tins meant for re-using and safe-keeping. It is our goal to be as environmentally friendly as possible in getting the jewelry to you safely. We is always looking for better business alternatives to help keep the planet clean. If you have a recommendation or specific request for your packaging, or any way to be greener, please send an email to Cait at CaitMarchettiJewelry@gmail.com.  Your feedback and suggestions are encouraged. 


A little something about The Cait Marchetti Jewelry customer:

The Cait Marchetti Jewelry customer is environmentally aware, an American-made local-business supporter, a supporter of the arts, appreciator of nature. The customer notices and appreciates the anatomical correctness and quality of the hand drawn illustrations, appreciates the small things in life and sentimental attachment to New England-local nature. Is a collector of fine crafts who appreciates the quality craftsmanship of artisan-made goods, who would rather buy high end products that last rather than low end product that don't. The Cait Marchetti Jewelry customer understands the worth of quality artisan made high-end jewelry, appreciates details and the narrative that comes with the double-sided designs, and enjoys the story behind their jewelry. Thank you for your continual support and for being so aware!